Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Wondering where to find Alaska's Climate Change Action Leadership Docs?

As Alaska rocks on the front lines of climate change, its highly disturbing to see one of Governor Dunleavy's first acts was to delete Governor Walker's Climate Change Action Leadership Recommendations (CALT) from the state website (we tried again just to make sure and got this error message).   

Rightfully outraged, our friends at Cook Inletkeepers launched a petition calling on Dunleavy to "return the Climate Change Task Force information and action plan documents to the official state website".  SIGN here.

We have great respect for many of the knowledgeable, hard-working, dedicated members of the CALT.  The Leadership Team's recommendations are a start, especially when combined with the more thoroughly vetted 2009 recommendations from the Palin Administrations sub-cabinet on Climate Change (also removed from the state website), but they don't go far enough.

You can read why we think this is true in our draft comments to the CALT draft here.

We think the recommendations are milk toast in part because of the expected heavy influence of oil and gas industry on the CALT and behind the scenes.  Read more about that here.  

That said, in the meantime of wondering and waiting for Governor Dunleavy to do the right thing, you can download the two CALT final recommendation reports* HERE.  

* I. Climate Change ACTION PLAN recommendations to the governor


We also saved most of the CALT draft and supporting documents. If you would like them, email info@akclimateaction.org and we will happily share them with you. 

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